A day in Mysore – Things to do

A day in Mysore – Things to do

Mysore is one of the famous tourist destinations of Karnataka. I went with my family for a summer vacation to this place. One can complete visiting all the major attraction of this city in just about a day! Here is a list of places to visit.

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The Majestic Mysore Palace

The beautiful exterior of Mysore Palace with cream colour and red domes.
Mysore Palace

Your first stop in the morning should be Mysore Palace if you want to see the palace properly and get a good picture. This is the most famous icon of the city and is crowded most of the time. It opens at 10 am, but we reached the palace gates by 9.30 am. Since we reached early, we were among the first few to get tickets and go inside and managed a picture of the palace without people in it (you rarely get such pictures). The entry fee is Rs. 50 (as of May 2019) and after the entry, you have to leave your slippers at another counter inside.

After all these hustles you finally get to enter this exquisite piece of architecture which is built primarily with wood. The inside of the palace has been turned into a museum and it will easily take you 2-3 hours to experience this place (though the crowd will just push you around for most of it). The prime time to visit this place is during Dasara as the celebrations are said to be one of the grandest. Don’t forget to spot the Golden Ambari in the museum, it is one of the most famous articles there.

The palace is located in the heart of the city. So, it is very easy to reach.

The divine Chamundeshwari Temple

The tower of Chamundeshwari Temple.
Chamundeshwari Temple

Perched on top of the Chamundi Hills, this temple has a very interesting legend behind it. The asura Mahishasuran is said to have lived in these hills who through penance to Brahma got a boon to “be so powerful that no man can kill him”. After this Mahishasura started conquering the world and even killed gods. Even the holy trinity of Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva couldn’t stop him because of the boon he had received. Finally, Parvati decided that she will do the work of eliminating him, as she is a woman and the boon protects him only from man.

She took the form of Chamundeshwari (also called as Mahishasura Mardini) and headed to kill Mahishasura. It took 10 days of earth-shaking battle after which Chamundeshwari killed Mahishasura. The battle was considered to be a battle between good and evil and is celebrated even today as Dasara. While the name of the hill has been given the name of Chamundi, the city itself is still named after Mahishasura (Mahishana Ooru – Mysore).

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The beautiful Brindavan Garden

One can’t come to Mysore and not visit Brindavan Garden. This stunning garden is built next to Krishnarajasagara Dam and is spread across 60 acres. It is famous for its symmetrical terrace garden and the light fountain show that happens in the night (6.30 – 7.30 pm on weekdays and 6.30 – 8.30 pm on weekends). The entry fee is just Rs. 15 and there are lots of food stalls inside. Just remember not to litter <3.

Beautiful Brindavan Garden
Brindavan Garden

While you are on the way to or back from Chamundeshwari hills in a cab, the drivers might suggest wax museum and sand art museum to you (it happened to us). Unless you are so into musical instruments, I wouldn’t suggest the wax museum. As for sand art museum, that also isn’t much but you can give it a try if you want.

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