Who am I?

I’m Nivetha, an independent individual in making.

  • A college student studying in Bangalore, India. 
  • A young adult who is trying to figure out what to do with life.
  • A person with a lot of dreams, confused as to which one to chase.
  • A happy soul that wants to spread happiness and good vibes in the world.
  • A thrill seeker who loves adventure and exploring.

Finally, a person who believes every person is worthy of more than one line introduction. 😛

What is ‘Tied to the Heart’?

‘Tied to the heart’ means a person who follows the heart. Our heart says us to do a lot of things. I could describe myself in so many different ways because my heart has these many questions and aspirations. I’m tied to my heart and I let it take me wherever it flies. Following my heart and my instinct has proven to be the best and most fulfilling way of living my life.

Why ‘Tied to the Heart’?

20’s is the time in our life where we make a lot of life-changing decisions. It is the phase of confusion and too many questions. It might be quite stressful as this is the period where life starts throwing reality right at our faces. In ‘Tied to the Heart’ we will walk through this phase together. We will take good life decisions which we won’t regret later. I will share my perspectives and ideas for a happier and healthier life. Together we will make our 20’s memorable and joyful.



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