About me

Welcome to Tied to the Heart!

Hello, my name is Nivetha. I don’t have any job title to describe me yet. Maybe I can call myself a blogger or a freelance writer. 

I do not believe in one goal for life and have a lot of dreams that I want to chase without sticking to one thing. Doing same thing over and over is too monotonous for my taste and I tend to get bored quickly.

So what am I doing with this blog you ask? For one thing, I love travelling and new experiences and wanted to share it with people. That is how this blog started. Secondly, I am a happy person who loves to improve myself on everyday basis. I wanted to share those tips and joy that comes with it as well.

I am tied to my heart and follow it wherever it takes me. First, it took me from Chennai to Banglore to pursue law. Then it got bit by the travel bug and took me to some amazing places that I could never forget. Now, it is telling me to take a break year to learn things that I have always wanted to. Who knows where it will take me next? 

So, to sum it up Tied to the Heart is the adventures of an ambitious and confused girl. 

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