Best of Agumbe – Must-dos in this beautiful village

Best of Agumbe – Must-dos in this beautiful village

If you are looking for a vacation close to nature and away from city life in Karnataka, this village called Agumbe is where you should be heading. About 350 km from Bangalore, nestled in the Western Ghats, Agumbe is perfect for a weekend getaway.

Let me tell you four things that you should not miss when you visit this place.

1. Sunrise at Kundadri Hills

Nothing beats the feeling and motivation that a new day and a stunning sunrise gives you. At about an hour drive from Agumbe is the beautiful hilltop of Kundadri from where you can witness the beautiful Western Ghats slowly coming to life to the melody of cheerful birds. It got me so ecstatic that I was smiling and dancing all through it!!

A beautiful sunrise from the top of Kundadri Hills lighting up the Western Ghats. Agumbe.
The sunrise from Kundadri Hills

2. Climb up Kavale Durga Fort

Kavale Durga fort is an amazing place to visit especially if you are there around monsoon or winter. The fog gives a mystical touch to this fort perched on the top of a hill. This place also is about an hour drive from Agumbe and it is completely worth it if you love pretty roads and ruins of a majestic fort.

Walking up the Kavale Durga Fort during monsoon.
It was fun to hike up Kavale Durga Fort and see the surrounding places shrouded in fog.

3. A soothing sunset at Sunset Point

A beautiful sunset in the Western ghats, the sky lit with rainbow colours. Agumbe.
The best sunset ever in Sunset Point, Agumbe

Tired of traveling an hour to get to places? Well, you don’t have to go far to witness a stunning yet soothing sunset in Agumbe. The sunset point is just a few minutes away from the central area of Agumbe (30 minutes if you don’t mind walking like me!). Let me tell you no more! The picture will tell you why you simply cannot miss it.

But remember the sunrise and sunset view can be guaranteed only during the summer.

4. Best ever homestay at Doddamane

If you are not already in love with this beautiful village, Kasturi Akka’s warm hospitality and her delicious homecooked traditional food (3 meals and a snack!) will definitely make you fall head over heels in love. A stay in a traditional village house is a great experience in itself for a city kid like me! What’s more? There is no fixed price for staying here. You can give as little as you can afford or as much as it pleases you. But trust me, you would want to give more once you stay here.

Doddamane - the best home-stay in Agumbe.
Doddamane <3

This is not an exhaustive list of things to do in Agumbe. Rather these are things you shouldn’t miss. Other than these you also have many waterfalls and Agumbe Reserve Forest.

Also, please travel sustainably and do not litter!!!

Thanks for taking the time to read! Would love to hear your questions and feedback in comments <3

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