Thoughtful gift ideas for Valentine’s day that you can cook up in last-minute!

Thoughtful gift ideas for Valentine’s day that you can cook up in last-minute!

Only days left for Valentine’s Day and haven’t decided what to gift your partner yet? Don’t worry! I got you covered with these last-minute yet thoughtful gift ideas for Valentine’s day that will show your partner that you love them. 

Couple spa/ massage

Occasions and holidays are all about indulgence and relaxing. On this Valentine’s Day take a break with your partner and indulge in some pampering sessions together. You can either choose to go to a resort and spa. Or if you have a choice in your area to get spa services done at home, that could be even better. Saves you the travel and you can happily go straight to sleep. There are so many benefits to going to a spa.

Romantic couple spa is a great gift idea for Valentine's day
Couple spa for a romantic Valentine’s day

Book a complete health checkup 

A complete health checkup is mandatory as you grow up. Booking a complete health checkup for your partner says that you care about them and their health. This gift is perfect for couples who are busy on Valentine’s Day and can’t spend much romantic time together. Book an appointment for a complete health checkup for both of you on a day when you both will be free. 

Binge night with comfort food

Not into cheesy romantic ideas but have a whole evening to spend together? Binge night with your favourite food is the best option. If you two have different taste on what to watch, do one for your partner and one for you, until you fall asleep. If you want to make it more romantic, cosy up in front of the screen, maybe a blanket, some scented candles and a dessert you can share. 

Having binge night with your partner is the best way to spend time with your partner
It can’t get better than a binge night!

Sign up for something they always wanted to learn

Has your partner been telling about something they wanted to learn or some class they wanted to sign up for but never did? Love is about helping each other grow. Signing them up for it could be the best of gift ideas for Valentine’s day. Maybe you could also join them!

Get a Gift Card

Gift cards are saviours for people who have a hard time to pick gifts. There are so many options for this too though! You can get your loved one a particular brand’s gift card if they would like it. Or you can go for a gift card of a general e-commerce store. This way you give a gift and they get what they want. It is a win-win.

Gift cards are a great gift idea for Valentine's day
Gift cards are a great gift idea for Valentine’s day

Recreate a favourite rom-com scene

This might look like a gift that is only for girlfriends but trust me guys dig this too. Don’t go too far and recreate a proposal scene if you both aren’t ready. That would just be an awkward and disastrous Valentine’s day. Instead, stick the small cute ones that make your partner smile. Maybe like the first meeting or a date or something on that line. It will be the best Valentine’s day gift ever!

Recreate a favorite Rom-com scene as a gift for Valentine's day.
What’s more romantic than a rom-com night?

Leave cute notes for them to find

Lots of love but no money and time? This one is the most thoughtful gift idea for Valentine’s day for you. Leave notes for them to find throughout the day. The notes could say anything like your past memories, things you love about your partner, appreciation or dream future. Get creative! This will show your partner how much you love them and keep them smiling and blushing the entire day!

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There is no one way to say ‘Love You’ to your partner. Valentine’s day is nothing but an opportunity for us to stop and cherish that special person in our life who makes life a little less hard every day <3

How do you like gift ideas? Do you have any better ideas that I can use? Do let me know in the comments.

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