Kedarkantha trek- The beautiful winter trek!

Kedarkantha trek- The beautiful winter trek!

After 2 difficult Himalayan trek in 2018, I wanted to end the year with an easy one. So, I decided to go for the Kedarkantha trek, which is a Easy-moderate trek from December 3 – 8 through IndiaHikes. Let me take you through yet another beautiful trail in the Himalayas!

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Drive to Sankri (Day 1)

On the first day of the journey, it was a 10-hour picturesque drive from Dehradun to Sankri, the base camp of the trek. IndiaHikes itself will arrange a vehicle for the journey and it will cost you around 1000 bucks (depending on the number people per vehicle). My favorite thing to do is to listen to my travel playlist while staring at the Himalayan landscape.

One of the rest stop during the drive!

In the base camp, an introduction session happens when you get to know about your co-trekkers and the trek. One of the guides there described the view from the Kedarkantha peak with such an emotion that I couldn’t wait to see it.

Sankri to Juda-Ka-Talaab (Day 2)

Kedarkantha trek is a very relaxed one. Other than the summit day, the maximum distance covered is not more than 4 km. On the second day, it was just a 3 km walk uphill. It was like a forest trail, with tall pine trees all around you. Stopping here and there to steal glances at snow-capped peaks of Himalayas, we reached the campsite (Juda-Ka-Taalab) by noon.


After roaming for a while, we played games. But the best part of the day was the star-gazing. When I went for Chadar trek, the sky was stunning but it was too cold to stay outside for star-gazing. Here, it was bearable and I wasn’t ready to loose this chance. I grabbed two other trekkers to give me company and we laid down on the mat starring at the star-filled sky. In such high altitudes shooting star can be spotted once every few minutes but you have to stay alert. We spotted around 5 shooting-stars.

Our trek-leader joined us and showed us a lot of constellations using the app he had in his phone. Even with zero knowledge in star-gazing, I was thoroughly enjoying myself. I had no heart to go into the tent that day.

 Juda-Ka-Talaab to Kedarkanta Base (day 3)

The third was a very short climb of 2.5 km. We started slowly and reached the campsite even before noon. We got the first glimpse of snow near the campsite. This is because I went for this trek in early December, which is just the beginning of winter. By in January even Sankri gets covered with snow!! But even with very less snow, we decided to make a snowman. It came out decently too. 😛

A hot lunch with a cool view @Kedarkantha base

The weather was cloudy and we were worried that we would miss the famed 360-degree view from the Kedarkanta peak. We had our lunch with a stunning view, played cricket, watched a beautiful sunset and then had an early dinner. We went to sleep early as we had to start by 3.30 am the next day.

The Kedarkantha Summit Day (Day 4)
Sunrise at Kedarkantha peak

Waking up 3 am itself is difficult, throw in freezing negative temperatures, you would never want to leave the sleeping bag. Anyways all of us woke up, fidgeted in the dark until we gathered our stuff, did our business and started the trek. It was a steep climb of 9 km with ice and snow covering the path. I was wearing very bad trek shoes with no grip, so, I fell a loooot of times while walking on the hard ice. For walking in the soft ice, they gave us micro-spikes. So, I managed that without stumbling.

We managed to reach the Kedarkantha peak around 7.30 am. The weather was not clear, as we predicted the previous day and we couldn’t get the 360-degree view from the top. But still, we witnessed a beautiful sunrise. It looked like fireball battling with the clouds. As the rays hit snow, it was like diamonds were spilled all around us. It was a stunning view!!!

We could not stay for long in the summit as the wind was too strong. So, we started descending as slowly as we could, taking a lot of stops to click pictures, hit each other with snow and slide in the snow (good times!!!). We had a nice and hot lunch at our camping site and it started snowing slightly. After playing cricket for a while we headed to Hargaon, where we camped for that night.

Hargaon to Sankri (Day 5)

It was a short descent to Sankri, but realizing that the trek is over made it harder. I kept glancing back at the snowy peaks, hoping that I would go back to the Himalayas soon. As we reached Sankri, we relaxed and rejoiced as everyone had completed it without any injuries. Later we had some hot momos in the local shop.

On the way back to Sankri

For me that night was really special as it was filled with laughter and stories!!!

Drive from Sankri to Dehradun (Day 6)

We started early from Sankri as me and few others had planned to head to Rishikesh that day. It was again a 10 hour drive. I usually feel very sad whenever I am going back from a trek, but this time I was too thrilled as I had planned two adventourous days at Rishikesh.

We reached Rishikesh by 5.30 pm and you can read about the craziness of the next two days by clicking here.

Budget for the trek

Apart from getting to Dehradun and back to your home, these are cost you will incur:

  • Trek fee: Rs. 8,450 + Taxes (Rs. 8944, as of the day of this post in Indiahikes)
  • Transport from Dehradun to Sankri: Around Rs. 1000
  • Transport from Sankri to Dehradun: Around Rs. 1000
  • Food costs on the way to Sankri and when you are driving back to Dehradun. From Sankri food will be provided by IndiaHikes.

Kedarkantha is a very easy trek that can be done even in one day by seasoned trekkers. One can also hire local guides from Sankri and go with your own group or alone. But travel or trekking is not about how quickly you do it or how much you cover. It is about how you are enjoying yourself and soaking in that place.

Do Comment your thoughts and share this blog with your friends! Will catch you with another travel story soon!!!

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