Things Young Adults Fail to Understand About Parents

We, young adults (18-25 years), feel whatever we think is correct and that it is our parents who are not able to understand a thing. Our parents make mistakes… yes!!! We do plenty of mistakes too, especially when it comes to our parents. If you think that parents are the ones who need to change for a better parent-child relationship in your home, keep reading, this article is for you.

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Here are major things that we generally fail to understand

When you talk, time and tone matters

When we talk and how we talk matters a lot, in all cases. But more specifically when we are trying to explain or convince our parents for something. Try not to bring stuff up when they are in a bad mood. Don’t shout at them even if they start shouting. Take deep breathe and try to reason out things in a normal tone. There is more chance for them to understand us this way.

We never forget their previous mistakes:

“Everybody make mistakes, we are humans after all”

We all use this excuse when we make mistakes but we can never accept this when it comes to our parents. They might have made some bad decisions for us and it is true that such decisions might have been life-altering. We feel like pointing it out every time. But they did so only because they thought it was good for us. So, why not give it a rest. Recalling it every time isn’t going to make things better for anybody.

Ma, I no longer hold any hard feelings in my heart about you not letting me go to dance class! And I am really sorry for making you feel guilty every time that topic came about.

We disregard their fears:

We are in the prime of our lives and we want to experience everything… trip with friends, late night outings, maybe some alcohol, etc, etc. Our parents know that this excitement makes us a little reckless sometimes and they put few conditions just to keep us safe. It is their responsibility and their fears are totally justified. But we just brush it away saying they are too old-fashioned to understand.

The one thing which every parent has more than us is the experience. Value the advice they give through their experience. In the end, they just want us to understand stuff without actually having to make a mistake.

Acting immature and expecting to be treated as a matured person

We cannot act like an adolescent and expect to be treated as an adult. We should show our parents that we can take care of ourselves. Sometimes it is easier said than done, I know!! But we can at least try to give them that confidence in every way we can.

Little asking like asking for advice before doing something, listening to other people in a conversation and being mindful of small things will tell people how mature you are.

They are getting older:

Before we get too frustrated and shout at them next time, we should remember that they are getting older every day. They may not have the health to handle the tension same way they used to. And when we are angry, we should not say things like, “I don’t need you anymore” or “Why did you give birth to me at all?”. They have put so much of love and effort into us and they definitely do not deserve such words.

Also, we should not make them run errands for us. This is something I am working on, to get things done by myself. I always find myself shy away from doing bank works and stuff while my father wants me to get to know all these… Sorry pa, will try to do it myself from now. ?

Maybe you grew up being told to just follow things. Or you were never given a chance as a kid to express yourself. Maybe you had a rough childhood or things never go your way and your parents were the main reason for it. Carrying the weight of the past on our back isn’t going to help us with anything. Let us try to leave ghosts of the past behind.

Now is the time to make things right for ourselves. Try talking to your parents, now that you are older they may actually listen to you. Don’t assume how they will react. All this time, they might have disregarded your words thinking you were just a kid. Maybe now they will listen!!!

REMEMBER every relationship is a two-way street, both sides have to put effort.

What do you think are other things young adults fails to understand when it comes to parents?

Do you do any of these mistakes? How do you want to rectify it? COMMENT BELOW!!!