17 Things To Do when Self-Quarantined at Home + Downloadable Bucket List

With the world slowly shutting down due to coronavirus, we are getting confined to our home. For how many days this will continue, no one knows for sure. However, let us not waste these precious days sulking indoors. There are a lot of things you can do at home, to pass time or to sharpen some skills in the meanwhile. Let’s get into the list!

And hey! There is free downloadable Quarantine Bucket List for additional fun in the end 🙂

1. Learn new skills or sharpen one

We never get time for learning new things in our busy life. Now is the chance! There are so many interesting things you can learn online. I personally love skillshare for this because there are informative classes that are just 15 minutes long. You don’t even have to sit for hours get the satisfaction of finishing a course. 

2. Get that subscription

Are you someone like me who does not buy subscriptions for things like Netflix and Prime because you think you won’t watch it much. You are going to be sitting at the home for a while, so this is the time. Subscribe for one month and binge to your heart’s content!

3. Cosy book time!

This probably what I am going to be doing. Read your favourite books that you have been putting off. You might not get time like this later on guys.

4. Play board games

If you have a handful of people around, board games would be a great time pass. Grab some snacks and gather your friends or family. Be it old school snake and ladder or monopoly, you know it is going to be fun.

5. Make a list of close people, call and talk to heart’s content

There is something so satisfying about those long conversations with your close ones. We might no longer be doing it because of our busy lives. Now you have got the time though, so why don’t you pick that phone and have a nice chat with your people.

6. Cook your favourite recipe

Is there a food that you absolutely love to eat in restaurants? Try to recreate it by yourself at home. You will either discover that you are a decent cook or start to appreciate people who cook a little more. Both results are a win!

7. Reflect and plan for your future goals

Most of us don’t take enough time in our lives to reflect upon it. Neither do we make real plans for our goals. When you don’t have a plan, it is just a dream. Use the time at hand to actually map out your goals and break into achievable steps. Set deadlines and get to it. Create budget and money management plans.

8. Re-decorate your space

Look around your living area. Do you like how it is? Or have you been thinking of re-decorating and never got it? Well, what are you waiting for? Wake up your inner Monika and get to it. 

9. Create a first aid kit.

10. Organize your phone and laptop.

11. Review your social media and unfollow accounts that no longer inspire you.

12. Clear out all the expired products in the home.

13. Reorganise photo albums.

14. Create new physical albums from the digital images you have.

15. Make a list of all the things that make you happy.

16. Try your hand at different challenges like workout or a reading challenge.

17. Do a family photo-shoot at home or plan a theme night.

We can be confined to over homes. However, it is always in your hands to make the best of situations. Keep your spirits and use this time to connect with the people around you. Stay safe and healthy.

Here is the Quarantine Bucket List I told you about. Click here to download it.

Hope this ‘things to do’ list was helpful for you! If you have more ideas, let me know in the comments, so that I can try those as well.

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