20 important life lessons to make your 20s easier

From what I learned from my parents, reading and other things, these are the 20 life lessons that everyone should live by. Many of these have helped me overcome a lot of difficulties with ease. I am sure these will help you make your life much easier and enjoyable.

Here are 20 life lessons to make your 20s easier:

#1 Learning from others mistakes

Don’t wait to make mistakes yourself to learn from it. Be proactive and learn from other mistakes so that you don’t go through it yourself.

#2 Quit Complaining

When you complain, it only amplifies the problem in your head. The more you talk about it, the more you will be convinced that your problem is too big.

Complaining will do you no good

#3 Practice detached attachment

Attachment comes to us naturally but too much of it can be disastrous. Love and attachment are two different things. One should never be attached to a person or a thing to the point where one cannot live without it. Love as much as you want but you should be able to live unscathed without it.

#4 Seek new experiences

Out of comfort zone lies growth. Be eager to try new things and discover new hobbies. Your experiences are the wealth which you will never lose in life.

#5 Leverage distractions

Distractions are bad. But sometimes they can be of great help. If you are in pain or going through a period of stress, learn to distract yourself. Use distraction to battle your negative thinking.

#6 Same actions will not give different results

If things you have been doing have not given the required results then its time to mix things up. No improvement is an indication of a fault in what pattern you are following. Break the pattern if you are hoping to get better.

#7 Vibes matter

Your vibe is the average of your surroundings. People’s vibe can affect you greatly and your vibes can affect them just the same. Try to keep good vibes around you and be that ‘good vibes’ for others. Here is a simple way to instil good vibes in yourself.

Vibes matter

Good vibes only

#8 Embrace solidarity

Learn to spend time alone and enjoy it. Everybody runs their own race and you have to run yours. Hoping to have companions in every aspect of your life can be a big hindrance to reaching your goals.

#9 Life isn’t fair

You have to make peace with this truth. Life is not going to be fair. But it is okay! It can still be beautiful if you are determined to make it so.

#10 Never Regret

You either succeed or you learn. Don’t regret anything. Whatever happened has shaped you into the person you are today. When you are responding to a problem today, ask this question: ‘Will your future self be proud of how you dealt with it?’.

#11 Run your own race

Quit comparing yourself with others. You will never be at peace as there are always people who are better than you in some way. The only person that you have to be better than is you.

#12 Invest in yourself

Think of how you were 3 months ago and how you are now. Have you made any conscious improvements on any skill or your health? If not, you better start to. If you want to see any improvement in your life, the first step is always to invest in yourself.

The best investment you can make today is to invest in yourself

#13 You are responsible for your happiness

Situations could be beyond your control, but how you deal with them and perceive them is always in your hand. Stop taking the back seat and take the steering of your life.

#14 Allocate time for yourself

Have some time that is solely for you. Don’t give it up for anyone or anything. Practice self-care and do the things you love in that time. For me that time is 2 hours in the early morning and here is how I spend it.

#15 Just take that one step

It is important to set goals and work for it by visualizing how it will be to get there. But when things get tough and the goal seems impossible to achieve push yourself to take just one more step. Just one more!

Life lessons to make your life easy

#16 Make peace with the past

The load from the past is simply weighing you down. It has no other use in the present. While you cannot do anything to change the past, you can do everything to change your present for the better.

Stop living in the past

#17 Ask ‘will this matter five years from now?’

When you find yourself worrying too much about something, ask yourself this question. It will help you figure out whether the problem is worth worrying about.

#18 Learn through introspection

Your life itself has a lot of answers and solutions for your troubles. If you do not look back at your life and learn from your mistakes and experiences will not grow. Here are the life lessons I learned from my experiences in 2019.

#19 Stop people-pleasing

It is impossible to please everyone. So, rather than stressing yourself on an impossible task, love yourself for who you are. What others think is none of our business.

#20 Pick your circle wisely

Your closest circle is going to be your backbone. Only allow those people who push you to be better. It is better to have one good friend than 10 bad friends. And yes there is such thing as ‘bad friends’

Some of these life lessons I follow religiously, while I am trying to inculcate others as well. It has helped me deal with major problems faced by people in their 20s like fake people, emotional breakdowns and insecurities. I hope these help you as well.

Do you follow any of these in your life? Have I missed out an important life lesson in the post? Let me know in the comments!

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