Morning Routine for a Productive and Positive Day

If I have to point out one thing that made me a happy person from a moody one, it has to be my Morning Routine. You might wonder what one’s morning routine has to do with a person’s happiness. From my experience, I can tell you that it definitely has a great impact. I cannot stress enough on how important it is to start your day right! It has done wonders for my productivity and happiness levels.

My morning routine starts technically the night before. Here is what I do the previous night to get a jump start:

  • Write my to-do list in my planner with the top three priorities.
  • Take 15 mins to clean up space around me so that I don’t have that hindering my morning routine.
  • Get my workout things ready.
  • Visualize the next day (or at least the morning)
  • Fill my copper water bottle and keep it by my bedside.
  • Go to bed by 11 pm
Morning routine for a productive and positive day

Here is my current morning routine:

Wake up time: 5.30 am

From 11 pm to 5.30 am, I get a good six and a half hour sleep to get recharged for the next day. The following couple of hours is for me and me only. In the past, I have found it very hard to spend time on self-care. But by waking up early and spending two hours just for me and starting the day in a positive note has made my overall mood better.

Relax and hydrate at 5.30 am – 6 am

I don’t like to rush the moment I wake up. It takes about 5 minutes for me to actually wake up. Then I drink a good amount of copper charged water that is waiting by my bedside. I can write a separate article talking about its health benefits! Let us not get into that now. After water, it is pooping and brushing time.

Learn or read something 6 am – 6.30 am

In the next half hour, I read an article or focus on learning something. Whatever field you are working on, or whatever goal you want to achieve, there is something that you can learn to make yourself better in that area. Doing it the first thing in the morning, even if it is just for half an hour, gives me a sense of accomplishment. Also, my mind is more active and refreshed now than later in the day.

Get moving 6.30 – 7.15 am

This is the most favorite part of my morning routine. But it has not always been so. I am not a person who was disciplined enough to follow a workout routine every morning. I used to not wake up in the morning just because I did not like the workout that I had planned. Then what changed? I started focusing on what I enjoy.

While I did not enjoy sticking to a hard workout routine, I loved breathing the fresh morning air. So rather than doing an indoor workout, I switched to early morning strolls. When this became quite comfortable, I amped it up into jogging. Making this morning movement sessions into a challenge turned out to be even more satisfying. I use an app called Couch to 5k (C25K) to push myself to run a 5k. Its been a fun challenge!

Pranayama with a refreshing face mask 7.15 – 7.30 am

Skin and hair care used to be the last in my priority list. This essentially means that almost never gets to it. Adding it to my morning routine had changed it around! I spend 15 minutes every morning doing the pranayama (5 minutes each of Ujjayi, Kapalabhati and Anuloma Viloma). Before settling down for doing this, I apply a natural face mask. Most rejuvenating 15 minutes of the day!

Healthy breakfast

You have to complete such a healthy morning routine with a healthy breakfast! But since it might not be possible to cook a healthy breakfast every single day, I make homemade granola in advance. For busy days this provides a high fiber and protein-packed breakfast. On days I have time, I prefer cooking hearty Indian recipes packed with flavor and nutrition.

This is the morning routine that suits me. The one that you are comfortable with can be different than mine. Find your favorite morning routine by trying out different things. Once you start loving your mornings and value ‘me times’ in the morning, you will notice your life-changing for the better!

What do you think of my morning routine? Would you take away or add anything to it? Let me know in the comments below! I am all game for an upgrade or challenge in my morning routine.

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