9 Every Day Self-Talk that can make your Life Better!

For those who aren’t big on affirmations, self-talk could be the answer. I came across affirmations a lot when I was looking for tips on wellness and changing my life. So, I gave it a try, like for more than a month. Though I believe in them, it was awkward and I could not see any real-time effect. But these positive self-talks are practical tools to improve your everyday life.

Before we jump into the list of everyday self-talk I use for a more positive and productive day, let me tell you what exactly I mean when I say ‘affirmation’ and ‘self-talk’ in this post.

Positive words bring positive changes to our lives.

Affirmation versus Self-talk

Affirmation: These are a list of sentences that starts with ‘I’ or ‘I am’ followed by what you want to manifest in your life. For example, ‘I am healthy and happy.’ Usually, we are advised to read out this list out loud in the mornings or as often as possible and it is supposed to manifest in real-life. I am not against affirmations, but it just feels impractical sometimes. The major ingredient for these affirmations to work is faith which is hard to muster every day when you are saying things that seems very far-fetched.

Self-talk: Self-talk is a much more subtle way of bringing in positivity and confidence into your days with phrases that are time or activity-specific. These are much more practical and comes much more naturally to us. So, it is incredibly effective to tackle everyday life and keeps you motivated.

Everyday self-talk I use to bring motivation and positivity to my days

1. After waking up: Smile and say ‘It’s a Good Morning.’

Every day is a chance for a new beginning. Starting your day right is essential to stay on track and remain positive throughout the day. Waking up with a smile instantly puts you in a better mood. Moreover, saying ‘It’s a good morning’, ‘it’s a good day’ or anything like that increases your hope of having a nice day ahead.

2. Mirror talk: Say ‘hey beautiful’

How often do you compliment yourself? Other people’s compliments are not as effective as self-compliments. This makes you love yourself a little more and increases your confidence. I do it every morning when I first look at the mirror. Of course, you can do any time you want. Just stand an inch taller, wear a confident expression and say it.

Compliment yourself!

If you think you are ugly or not good enough to call yourself beautiful, here is something you need to know. More than our looks, it is our attitude and the way we carry ourselves that makes an impression on people. Have you ever caught yourself crushing over a not-so-good looking person and wondering why you are into them? It is because of the way they are so comfortable in their own skin. Once you get comfortable, you gain a magnetic personality as well.

3. Get outside in the early morning: Think ‘what a great day!’

I love early mornings! The birds chirping happily, the slight warmth of the sun and the fresh crisp air! Just writing about it puts a smile on my face. Every day in the morning, I try to step out of my house to enjoy this and I think ‘wow, what a great day!’. But getting outside isn’t necessary. A warm cup of coffee or tea in the balcony or even near an open window can do the trick. Any small thing that you can appreciate in the morning will set your mood for the day.

Good vibes only

Of course, a great morning routine will change will transform your life. Click here to check out my post on the morning routine.

4. Eat a healthy breakfast: Think about how it will nourish your body

In today’s world, eating healthy is the hardest challenge. With all the tempting food around, advertisements, home delivery options and all. God! Obviously, it will be very difficult to shift to a healthy diet overnight with a busy lifestyle. But, the first step towards it is not so hard. Commit yourself to a home-cooked healthy breakfast. The key is to be mindful of the ingredients and appreciate how it will nourish your body. Once this becomes a habit, you will involuntarily be conscious of everything you eat.

5. Stepping out of the house for the day: Tell yourself ‘let’s kill it today’

Most people hate their life because of the mundanity of jobs or college. It brings people’s spirits down. If you really think about it though, an average workday is just 8 hours and mostly has an hour of lunch break. It is just a little over one-fourth of your day and you are letting it ruin the rest three-fourth. Start looking at your work hours more positively like it’s a challenge than a miserable fate. Saying ‘let’s kill it today’ or something like that can really help in this aspect.

You got this!

6. Talking to someone who cares about you: ‘I am so glad to have this idiot in my life’

This one is my favourite and had a great impact on my life. We tend to obsess over things that we don’t have while we fail to appreciate what we have. This self-thought is what brought me to a place of contentment with my circle. I think of it when I am talking to my friends and my little brother. Also, I do it with my parents and elders too, but a little more respectfully. Even one person who truly cares about you is a blessing you should not take for granted.

Also, saying out loud to the other person can make their day as well. So, feel free to.

7. Bad or difficult times: Smile and tell yourself ‘let us show them how it is done’

You have seen superhero power-ups, right? This is one is like that for us. Indeed, we face challenges every day like job deadlines, emotional troubles or health and fitness issues. Whatever it may be, after a bit of whining or crying (if needed), pick yourself up and say ‘now let’s show them how it is done’. It brings out the courage that you need to face the problem. Also, for a dramatic effect, splash water on your face, look at the mirror with water dripping from your face, smile a semi-evil smile and say it! (I do it and it works!)

Pick yourself up every time you are knocked down.

8. Going to bed: Recollect all the good things of the day and say ‘thanks’

A lot of things can go bad in a day, but there will be something good as well. Every night before sleeping, try listing those good things in writing or in your mind. It could be small things like a delicious meal or a conversation with your friend. Be thankful for whoever or whatever made those things happen. This practice will not only make you appreciate your day but will also train you to find good things in a bad situation. They don’t say for no reason that gratitude is the path for a content life.

9. Completed a task or just did some dedicated hard work: Appreciate yourself by saying ‘Damn dude! You are amazing!’

You know, in the end, all we are looking for is some little appreciation. Rather than waiting for others to give it to you, you give it to yourself. It could be for any small task you have completed or an improvement you have made. For example, it could be cleaning a cupboard, doing five more push-ups or cooking a nice meal. So, learn to appreciate yourself. Tell things like ‘Damn dude! You are amazing!’ in your own way.

Try to appreciate others as well whenever it is possible. If we expect the people around us to appreciate us, we first have to have the heart to do it to others. Besides, as I said, in the end, all people are looking for is some little appreciation. It is free, so why not.

Try these out and let me know how it impacted your life. Do you do this kind of self-talk as well? If yes, then I would love to hear about your way of self-talk. Let me know in the comments below!

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