How to make your desk job interesting

Office or even college life can get boring and monotonous. Sadly, we cannot choose to skip it. However, we can turn it around and make it much more interesting. All you got to do is change how you see everyday work. Most of us despise the everyday grind because we feel like we have close to no say in it. What work we do, how we do it and the deadlines are fixed by someone else. 

We can change this though! All you need is a little tweak in your perspective and a sprinkle of proactiveness.

Step 1: Make a list of things you do not like about work

This will help you a great deal to understand what exactly is bothering you. It may your nagging boss, unchallenging work or a not so good social environment. Identifying particular problems will make it easier to address them. And you may end up realising that it’s not the work you hate but this particular problem! That would be great right?

Step 2: Research on it

Once you have your problems listed, the next step is to research. Every problem we have has been faced by someone else before. You don’t even have to do much to research, thanks to the internet. Just google your issue and you will find at least 5 ways to deal with the problem that you facing. Start treating this as an experiment. Things will get very interesting.

Step 3: Apply the techniques you found

From your research, choose the way that is most suitable for your scenario. Start applying it and observe the effects. Keep reading more on it as you go.

Step 4: Change your mindset

Most of the issues of our lives will be nothing if we look at it with the right mindset. Rather than obsessively worrying about your work and how bad it is, realise that there is more to life than work. Every individual in your work environment is not just employees. They too have a personal life with personal struggles. Acknowledge this and act compassionately. It is impossible to hate a calm and understanding person. 

Make your office life interesting with this 10-day challenge

Here is a fun two-week challenge to change your mindset about work. 

Day 1: Mindfulness – Observe the entire day and notice the things you like and dislike about it. Write it down.

Day 2: Do the things which are in your ‘like list’ a little more.

Day 3: Pick one thing you dislike and try to find a course of action that will make it better. Try it out! 

Day 4: Try to get to know your peers better. Socialize a little more.

Day 5: Challenge yourself to complete your work before time.

Day 6: Do something that is beyond the work assigned to you. Formulate an idea or take some initiative.

Day 7: Re-decorate your desk at the office. 

Day 8: Write down your work/career goals and a course of action for it. Look for opportunities at your work to achieve these goals.

Day 9: Give genuine compliments to people at your workplace.  

Day 10: Research and find a system to organise your work and increase productivity. Target is to get more done in less time.

Try this challenge and let me know how it went!

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