Valley of Flowers Trek

The hardest (some times the crappiest) path leads to the most beautiful destination!

Author Unknown (Improvised by me :P)

So, it was semester holidays and I was wondering where to travel? Mountains or cities? Mountains of course!!! Snowy or green? Neither, how about something more interesting? “Valley of Flowers”

Some of the flowers you will see in the Valley of Flowers

Intrigued by this beautiful place in Uttarakhand, I decided to go for it and booked my slot for July 21st on India Hikes website. And thus began a beautiful journey!!!

Bright and beautiful flowers from the Valley of Flowers trek!

Day 1 – The never-ending drive

The first day of the trek always starts with a little skepticism. How our trek team is going to be??? Especially if you are going solo.

Wanna know why I travel solo? Click here.

At 5.00 a.m in Haridwar railway station, I was skeptically waiting for the trek group that was supposed to arrive at 6 a.m (I took a bus from Delhi and reached Haridwar a little too early). To my relief, the few people of the trek group I was able to meet that day were really friendly. We couldn’t meet the entire team as we were separated into 3 vehicles. Everyone was eager to start the trek but no one realized what was in store- An 11 HOUR BACK-BREAKING DRIVE through a long bumpy road to Govind Ghat. But whenever a sharp U-turn pushes you over and makes you wanna swear, the stunning scenery just wipes the swear word right off your head!!!

The lush green mountains in the path of Valley of Flowers

Rivers that follow you all the way!!!

We reached Govindghat by dusk and after some food retired for the day.

Tip: Make a playlist for the mountains, makes the tiring drive a really pleasant one 🙂

Day 2 – And the trek begins

The actual trekking started on day 2. It was almost a 25oo feet ascent from Govidghat to Ghangria but felt veryyy long. Hemkund Sahib is basically a pilgrimage destination. So, the path is properly laid out and you have mules and food available all along your path. Our trek team managed to reach before the average time (yayyy!!!).

We reached Ghangria by afternoon, where we were to stay for the next three days. It was a bit of a tiring day.

Day 3 – Valley of Flowers

The main destination of the trek – “The Valley of Flowers, National Park” is just about 3.5 km from Ghangria. The trail is not so steep, so, it was the easiest day of the trek and the most scenic one as this trail has no mules or its shit?. We explored the beautiful valley filled with flowers just had just bloomed.

Standing among violets and whites?

Valley of flower trek

Tip: This is the least tiring day, so, try to explore Ghangria and its food on this day. I would suggest hot Gulab jamun and Milk.

Day 4 – Hemkund Sahib

This was the hardest day of the trek. The ascent was very steep and it was very misty. Pancho was the savior of the day! You will have mule service all along the way but try not to use them unless it is absolutely necessary. We took a lot of stops along the way just to catch our breath or have some hot chai. After a lot of “you can do it” chanting inside my head (yea, I need to improve my fitness?), we managed to reach Hemkund Sahib.

The stunning lake in Hemkund Sahib

The Hemkund Sahib lake

It was a little disappointing as we could not see further than 2 steps ahead because of the mist. But the place had a sacred vibe to it which makes the climb worth it!!
The descent might also be difficult for some because it is steep and a little slippery during the monsoon. Overall it was a long day by the end of which I was shaking with happiness and my legs were shaking with strain.

Day 5 and 6 – Tracing the way back

On day 5 the trek ended as we reached Govindghat. We got our IndiaHikes certificate for completion of the trek and celebrated our successful trek. The next day we said goodbye to the Indiahikes team and drove back to Haridwar with a bundle of memories that will be cherished forever!!!

There is always something new that you learn on every trip. And this trip it was the game MAFIA?… The best game ever!!! Thanks to the trek team for all the games and laughter…

My trek team ?

Life lesson from this trek:

Even crappy path can lead to stunning destinations!!!

Like literally!!!



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