The Mountain of Life

I have a hard time talking to people who think there is just one right path in life. You study until degree, if possible post graduation, get a job, marry, start a family and so on. And all of these has a ‘right age’ in which you do them. There is also religion and faith which you have to do it ‘right’ or its just wrong.

I am not really a rebel who says all this is useless. No! I can understand where they are coming from. There are good reasons for the points they make. I completely agree. What I don’t agree to is that they say its the only way!

How can it be the only way when changing our ways is how human beings got so far in world!

We humans started out like a bunch of every other animals. Nomadic, foraging and hunting. We shifted from that to cultivation which lead to civilization. Then came tribes, religions, kings, nations, wars, and globalization. Where is the only right thing here?

Everything has been changing to adapt to the societal changes as a whole. There is no one true right path. Rather there is a commonly accepted path in a community for the time being.

The way I see it, life is like climbing up a mountain face. You can take the beaten track and climb up the rope that had been installed and tested over and over. There will beautiful sights on the way and its feels safe because many people have traveled through that path.

However that doesn’t mean that you cannot take any other way up the mountain. Sure, a off-beaten path comes with a few risks and taking chances but at the same time it could have views that you have never imagined of.

Every one is allowed to choose their own path and let us not judge each other for it. There is no one true path, or a definitive ‘right’.

One life!

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