What do I wish for?

My brother asked me today, ‘If you have 5 wishes for yourself, what would you wish for?’. He had his 5 wishes ready. I heard him out and started listing mine.

‘You know, I would wish for money to be not a bother in my life…’. (Before I could settle for that wish I started thinking about how happy I feel when my work is what earns me money.) ‘But you know I don’t want the money to come magically. I like working for it’.

‘Then I want to be a great dancer… but I want it to be the result of my efforts and practice.’

‘I want unlimited travel… I want to make the money and get the thrill of saving for a travel and all. But maybe make it a little easier.’

‘I wish I can eat anything and not get fat… but I do love the thrill of working out and seeing the weight reduce gradually.’

By this time, my brother had gotten frustrated with my half-ass wishes.

‘Oh! I want to live in my own house by myself. It should be in a place with nice climate. Maybe at the top floors of a big apartments with big balcony or a individual house with a nice terrace.’

That was the one wish I could ask for without coming up with a ‘but’.

This conversation made me realize something. Few years back if I had been asked the same questions, my answer wouldn’t have had any ‘but’s in it. So what has changed in these few years?

I have learnt to enjoy the process and the effort as much as the end goal itself. Setting goals, planning for it, saving up for things I want to buy, working a bit harder to earn a little for that dream trip, doing an amazing working and feeling the burn… They have a thrill of their own. Every small achievements on the way and every milestone reached are doses of dopamine that I have become addicted to.

That is why I am happier than most others I see with dreams and goals in life. For many people, happiness is in achieving the goal only. Until they get there, they aren’t happy and they hate the uncomfortable hard work they have to put in for that goal.

Me… As long as I am putting in some effort to get closer to my goals, I go to bed with a smile on my face and a content heart!

When you learn to love the process, everyday becomes eventful, important and enjoyable!

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