Ever-changing Past

Change is the only constant thing. But if there is one thing we don’t expect to change it is our past.

I love revisiting my past. I dwell in memories a little too often. But lately, I have been noticing something. Something that made me question whether I am visiting the same past every time.

When I am looking for an answer to today’s question, I look into the past to connect the dots to see how and why I got here. Now it feels as if these dots are moving and not static after all.

So every time we connect them we get a different picture. And the picture depends on which dots you are connecting and the question that is driving you to connect these dots.

I heard a friend tell a story yesterday. The same story that I had heard him tell me many months ago. But the story was different yesterday. It involved all the same characters and many similar scenes but was a different story that showed the characters in a different shade.

That is what got me thinking… My stories. They have changed too over time. In fact, if I really pay attention, every time I revisit my stories there is something different about it.

Why? Maturity? Have we begun to understand our past better and have matured?

As tempting as it is to answer that question in affirmative, I don’t think that’s the reason. Maybe it is because every time we look at the past, we do it through a different set of lenses. And maybe every time we visit, we end up messing up the dots a little.

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