Hello there!

It is Nivetha here! Welcome to the blog of an explorer.

I like to explore places, people and myself. With exploration comes understanding, compassion and awe. I find myself seeking out for this and I come across many amazing places, people and realizations that I want to share with the world. Hence, this blog.

I follow my heart and take my head along with it (at least most of the times). That is why the cheesy name of ‘Tied to the Heart’ for this website, you know because I follow my heart! Never mind.

Here I share my travel stories and sometimes an itinerary which you can use to cover the place. I give self-development tips which have helped me improve personally or that I believe will help people. Then there is ‘Random Rants’ where I go on and on about life and related stuff. Join me there to have some real conversation, it will be fun and interesting, I promise!

Let us explore!

Things I do


You are in this website reading what I have written. This one is pretty obvious, right? I started with an intention to ‘make money online’, but now I just enjoy it.


I have a passion for travelling. Travelling makes me feel alive and feeds my curiosity. I travel whenever possible (when I am not broke) and trekking is my most favorite thing to do.

Freelance Writing

Freelance Writing is my occupation. That is how my make money to fund my travels and is a really great way to get to know a lot of things. And I say I am pretty good at freelance content writing. Feel free to drop me a mail (tiedtotheheart@gmail.com) for any writing assignment or collaboration.


Learning new things is so much fun! At any given time I am learning something. Right now I am doing a course on Life Coaching. In the process of becoming a certified Life Coach!!!

Degree and Certifications (I like to brag)

Degree: BBA LLB (Hons.)

2015 – 2020 (hopefully)

Certificate in Web Content Writing

April 2020 – Udemy

Diploma in Blogging and Content Marketing

January 2020 by Shaw Academy

Let’s make something together.

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