Ever-changing Past

Change is the only constant thing. But if there is one thing we don't expect to change it is our past. I love revisiting my past. I dwell in memories a little too often. But lately, I have been noticing something. Something that made me question whether I am visiting the same past every time.... Continue Reading →

What do I wish for?

My brother asked me today, 'If you have 5 wishes for yourself, what would you wish for?'. He had his 5 wishes ready. I heard him out and started listing mine. 'You know, I would wish for money to be not a bother in my life...'. (Before I could settle for that wish I started... Continue Reading →

The Mountain of Life

I have a hard time talking to people who think there is just one right path in life. You study until degree, if possible post graduation, get a job, marry, start a family and so on. And all of these has a 'right age' in which you do them. There is also religion and faith... Continue Reading →

Valley of Flowers Trek

The hardest (some times the crappiest) path leads to the most beautiful destination!Author Unknown (Improvised by me :P) So, it was semester holidays and I was wondering where to travel? Mountains or cities? Mountains of course!!! Snowy or green? Neither, how about something more interesting? “Valley of Flowers” Some of the flowers you will see in... Continue Reading →

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