Ever-changing Past

Change is the only constant thing. But if there is one thing we don't expect to change it is our past. I love revisiting my past. I dwell in memories a little too often. But lately, I have been noticing something. Something that made me question whether I am visiting the same past every time.... Continue Reading →

What do I wish for?

My brother asked me today, 'If you have 5 wishes for yourself, what would you wish for?'. He had his 5 wishes ready. I heard him out and started listing mine. 'You know, I would wish for money to be not a bother in my life...'. (Before I could settle for that wish I started... Continue Reading →

The Mountain of Life

I have a hard time talking to people who think there is just one right path in life. You study until degree, if possible post graduation, get a job, marry, start a family and so on. And all of these has a 'right age' in which you do them. There is also religion and faith... Continue Reading →

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